Making Memories with Pills

Making Memories with Pills

Did I take my pills today? You may be able to answer the question with clarity if you get a little creative.

Example: Take your medicine a different way each day. One day, put a pill in your mouth while crossing your arms. On another day, place your hand on your head when you swallow it down. May seem silly, but each unique action can help distinguish one pill-popping session from another.

Good medicine
Another memory trick is to purchase a page-a-day calendar. Rip off the day's page after you've popped your pills, suggest Gilles O. Einstein and Mark A. McDaniel, authors of MemoryFitness: A Guide for Successful Aging.

Here are three more memory aids the authors suggest:

  • Create a chart, and add a checkmark when you've taken your meds.
  • Use a pillbox with compartments for each day of the week.
  • When you take your pills, focus on the task at hand without getting distracted (distraction = poor memory-making).

Read this article for more memory techniques.

Did you know?
Most doctors communicate only four of the six most important points about your medications. Here's what may be missing from the information you're told.

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