What are good cues to teach the common athletic position?

Follow this checklist from toe to head to learn the key points to a great athletic stance that will apply to every position on the field: A.) Feet point straight ahead with the majority of body weight on the ball of foot/arch connection. Just a "crack of daylight" should show under the heels. B.) Bend your knees so they are pushing out over the toes but in line with the 2nd/3rd toes. C.) Slightly arch your back, bending at the waist appropriately. Stick the glutes out and back enough that the angle of your torso exactly matches the angle of your shins. D.) Keep your chest up and the shoulders slightly pinched together. Your shoulders should be over your knees, which are over your toes. E.) Eyes forward with your head in a comfortable position to see the field. From this position, an athlete can learn a functional "game or sport" movement or position-specific stance.

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