What exercises will help me hit harder?

Hitting for football is more about technique than brute strength. Practicing technique for your position is the best way to bring more power to your hitting. You will really feel the benefits of your leg and core training when it transfers to your polished technique and skills. Any squatting movement will be beneficial as long as you are able to move a relatively heavy load and perform the lift with explosive intentions. Coupling these types of lifts with lower body power exercises can help improve both strength and power, which are key elements to generate force to hit harder. For example, perform heavy squats (3-5 repetitions) and then immediately perform squat jumps. Also, a strong and powerful core will be important to help generate high levels of force. A great total body exercise that is not only great for the core, but involves the legs and upper body as well, is an overhead medicine ball throw. Start in a good athletic position holding a medicine ball. Squat down and explosively jump up into the air while simultaneously throwing the medicine ball overhead and behind while keeping your arms completely straight. Perform 2-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

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