Is lifting weights enough to prepare my body for playing football?

Lifting weights is a great start to preparing your body, however you should also add in cardio conditioning, core training, and flexibility training for optimal readiness. Some example flexibility exercises include statically stretching (holding a stretch for 30 seconds) your calves, inner thighs, hip flexors and lats. These muscles are typically tight and can benefit from additional stretching. Some core training exercises include planks, opposite arm opposite leg raise (Bird Dog), ball crunches, cable lifts and cable rotations. When performing cardio training, start slow by walking/running at a 50-70% intensity level. After you've developed an aerobic base, start incorporating some intervals (short sprints) to increase the intensity and mimic actual demands of a football game. Lifting weights to increase muscle size, strength, and power for football is essential. There are numerous resistance training methods to produce these gains. But to this point, we must do much more than lift weights in order to be prepared to excel in any position in football. Addressing the movement abilities, technical skills, strategic understanding, and optimizing conditioning specific for our positions supports high performance for football as well. Players who only lift weights have a tendency to have glaring inadequacies in their performance and usually experience more cumulative and acute injuries.

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