How do I improve my closing speed on defense?

To increase closing speed will require you to train to improve your overall speed. This means that any "speed" drill can be implemented, it will just require the athlete to perform these drills fast. This will carry over to improvements in speed. One good drill is resisted sprints. This drill helps to improve acceleration and maximal speed. This drill requires a resistance cord that will go around your waist as well as a partner to hold on to the cord. As you sprint forward, your partner is being towed behind you to apply backwards resistance. This will assist in forcing your body to recruit more muscles at a faster pace and will translate to increases in speed. Also, to perform at maximum intensity, an athlete must have plenty of rest.  Without that, true speed development will not occur. Make sure that throughout the off-season at least one day per week is left for maximum speed training.  This can include any movement drill, but it has to be run with maximum intensity.

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