What causes foot-related sports injuries?

Foot related injuries can be caused by tight musculture such as your calves(i.e. gastrocnemius and soleus) lateral ankle muscles(i.e. peroneus longus & brevis) and the hamstrings. During the specific sports activity(running, cutting, bounding etc..) these muscules will cause postural deviations and foot impairments such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis , ankle sprains and bunions. Your best bet to avoid these issues is to stretch your calves and hamstrings before any activity for at least 5-10 minutes.
Brian Yee
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

In many sports where there is repetitious activity such as a baseball pitcher, offensive lineman in football, or other specific positional athletes the foot is placed under stress with a specific distribution on it. Over time tissues in the foot can break down and cause tendon, muscular, or joint dysfunction and eventually lead to an injury.

Foot injuries in sports can also occur to traumatic injuries that can displace or alter the mechanics of the joints and tendons causing injury.

Foot related sports injuries are most often caused by improper use of the body during sports or exercise. If you don't warm up and stretch your muscles before beginning a work out or an intense game, injuries are more likely to happen because warmed, stretched muscles will be more flexible and have a larger range of motion. If you overuse your body during sports or push it too hard too fast, you're also more likely to cause a sports injury. In other cases, your foot related sports injury may be caused by an accident -- a quick dodge to avoid someone coming at you could cause you to turn your foot the wrong way and create an injury.

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