How is Morton’s neuroma treated?

Christopher Chiodo, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
The first step in treating a Morton's neuroma is to wear shoes that provide enough room in the toe box. For instant relief when pain flares up, some people find it useful to take their shoes off and rub the area; this can provide relief because the nerve can get trapped below the ligament, and the manipulation moves it back to its natural position. Your foot care specialist may recommend lower heels and better arch support to redistribute your weight. Sometimes custom orthoses (shoe inserts) may help correct structural problems and distribute the pressure more evenly. If you're in severe pain, your doctor may give you an injection of a local anesthetic combined with a corticosteroid to relieve the inflammation and pain. If you keep pressure off the toes and wear wide enough shoes, the problem may gradually disappear.

For severe or persistent pain, you may require surgery to remove the neuroma. Traditionally this has involved making an incision in the foot and performing open neurectomy, or removal of the nerve. A less invasive type of surgery, called endoscopic decompression, involves a smaller incision and may hasten your recovery time. Be aware that once the nerve is gone, you permanently lose feeling in the affected area.

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