Are podiatrists doctors?

Nadia F. Levy, DPM
Podiatric Medicine
Yes, podiatrists have an undergraduate degree, then 4 years of podiatric medical school, after which they earn a doctoral degree.  This is followed by an additional 3-4 years of residency.  Some also go on to do fellowships.  
Paul N. Clayton, MD
Podiatrists are physicians and surgeons who specialize in foot and ankle care. Typical training includes a bachelor's degree, 4-year DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) degree, followed by a 3-year medical and surgical residency training program. Most of my schooling and residency training was alongside my M.D. and D.O peers.
Dr. John J. Connolly
Healthcare Insurance & Policy

Podiatrists are Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM).  They devote their practice to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of feet and ankles.  They are not medical doctors, but many have hospital privileges and, in fact, perform foot surgery in hospitals.

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