Is anything wrong if I have high-arched feet?

High arched feet are considered a normal variant in the population and in isolation are not suggestive of a problem.  If you have high arched feet and difficulty with balance, pain and numbness in the feet, or have family members with high arched feet and such complaints, they may be suggestive of a neurological disease called Charcot Marie-Tooth disease.

Arch height has a normal variation across the population, so high arches can be just a variation on the average arch height. It can also be inherited. Such instances of high-arched feet are less serious because they do not indicate an underlying neurological problem, although they do make it more likely to develop Haglund's Deformity, a bony lump on the back of the heel. If high arches cause pain or fatigue in the feet, special shoes and insoles often suffice as treatment. However, most instances of high-arched feet are due to underlying neurological problems. These can be serious and must be promptly treated to avoid further disability.

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