How can I freeze and thaw foods safely?

Ms. Ashley Koff, RD
Nutrition & Dietetics
With the economy, food safety issues, and time efficiency all on everyone's mind, the freezer offers one of our best tools for nutrition for optimal health. Get freezer savvy with the following tips.

Did you know that whether it's fruit, vegetables, fish etc. they are frozen right when they are picked and washed or right on the boat in the case of the fish. This means that they state at their "peak freshness" and also don't endure as much exposure to potential contaminants en route to your freezer, table and mouths. What's more, stocking your freezer means you always have a healthy option available. With a quick run under hot water or a steam, make your frozen goods fresh and delicious as part of or an entire eating occasion. What's more, frozen goods last and last so you get your dollars and cents worth.

Now, all frozen is not created equal. Frozen offers us the option to eat organic which saves us money in the long run too by maintaining good health. Especially when it comes to berries which we should be eating organic -- and which go bad so quickly when we bring them home -- grab some frozen organic berries and toss them into your smoothie in the morning for an ice replacement that provides cancer preventing nutrients and sweet taste.

Frozen wild fish is another example of better quality and freshness. If you think you'll be eating at home, take the frozen fish from the freezer and place it in a bowl in the fridge and when you come home take it and some frozen (fridge-defrosted as well) organic vegetables and place them in a saucepan and pour vegetable broth (low-sodium please) and spices (fresh herbs from your garden…another health tip) into the saucepan, cover and boil/steam for 5-7 minutes…and voila a pan o'delicious meal brought to you from your freezer (did I mention it's super healthy too).

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