Can I still have coffee while pregnant?

The caffeine in coffee and other beverages may be associated with decreased birth weight. Also, there is some evidence that caffeine may be related to miscarriage and stillbirth. Because of these factors, it is important to avoid high levels of caffeine during pregnancy, either by limiting your intake or eliminating caffeine from your diet altogether.
Experts recommend pregnant women not drink more than two cups of coffee daily, about 200 mg. Researchers in England found that pregnant women who drank more than that were likely to have underweight babies. The caffeine in coffee also has been associated with spontaneous miscarriages.
Sarah Krieger
Nutrition & Dietetics

The short answer is: "yes". But here is the long answer and reasons to be cautious:

300 mg caffeine is currently the recommended amount from health professionals based on a review of various studies on caffeine in pregnancy.

Too much coffee can cause dehydration as caffeine is a diuretic, which makes you want to pee even more-like you need that! The bottom line is that decaf coffee can give you that same taste you crave, the aroma, but with a fraction of the caffeine.

Know that caffeine is crossed into the placenta and that it is found in so many other foods and adds up quickly. Here are examples:

  • Starbucks Grande Coffee (16 oz.) 400 mg
  • Starbucks House Blend Coffee (16 oz.) 259 mg
  • Dr. Pepper (12 oz.) 37 mg
  • 7 Eleven Big Gulp Diet Coke (32 oz.) 124 mg
  • 7 Eleven Big Gulp Coca-Cola (32 oz.) 92 mg
  • Ben & Jerry's Coffee Buzz Ice Cream (8 oz.) 72 mg
  • Baker's chocolate (1 oz.) 26 mg
  • Green tea (6 oz.) 40 mg
  • Check Vitamin water labels as well and so many non-100% fruit drinks-read the ingredients label.
You should reduce your caffeine intake. There is recent research that demonstrates high caffeine intake may increase your risk of miscarriage. But there's no need to get worried or quit outright. If you drink two cups before getting pregnant, switch to one cup. If you drink one cup, consider decaf. Remember caffeine is present in some sodas and teas as well.

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