Does food dye coloring cause hyper activity in children and/or cancer?

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, MD
Emergency Medicine
There have been some assertions that food additives (artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives) contribute to ADHD. To date, while some studies suggest that there may be a link, there’s not really solid evidence that they DO, which is the stance FDA takes.
Different countries have different labels – the EU requires that food/drink with artificial colors be labeled as having possible adverse effects on activity and attention. The FDA doesn’t require such labeling. Overall, we do need additional research on these additives, so we can determine if there are any associations with these symptoms. 
If your child has trouble with ADHD, it’s worth at least asking your doctor. Overall, the best diet for yourself and your child is one that doesn’t have as many of these ingredients – not just for ADHD, but because they typically come in processed foods high in sugar and salt.

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