What lifestyle changes must I make if I have a child with wheat allergies?

The most significant lifestyle change will be what foods you and your family eat and how you cook it. You will need to read food labels diligently as well as learn how to cook wheat-free meals. You may need to shop for wheat-free products and be especially vigilant when eating out.

If you cook for someone with wheat allergies, carefully read food labels and be vigilant when preparing food—making sure that no wheat products touch the cooking surface or utensils. Buy wheat-free foods and follow wheat-free recipes. Use alternative grains like rice, oats and corn.

You also will need to know how to respond in the case of a severe allergic reaction in your child. This could mean learning how to inject epinephrine (adrenaline). You will need to inform and educate family, friends and caregivers on how to protect your child and how to respond in an emergency.

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