What foods should I avoid if I'm allergic to soy?

The following are foods you should not eat (contain soy) if you have a soy allergy:

  • Cocoa mixes that contain soy
  • Ovaltine
  • Powdered drink mixes with soy
  • Nondairy creamers
  • High protein powder mixes with soy
Milk and dairy:
  • Tofu
  • Cheese with soy
  • Soy-based milks, plain or flavored
  • Soy infant formulas
  • Soy yogurt
Meats and other proteins:
  • Baby food meats or combination dinners with soy
  • Breaded or self-basting meats, fish, and poultry with soy
  • Cold cuts or frankfurters with soy
  • Imitation bacon bits
  • Prepared dinners with soy
  • Vegetarian burgers and sausages
  • Tofu
  • Soy protein isolate
  • Canned or frozen fruits processed with soy
  • Any breaded, canned or frozen vegetables with soy
  • Potatoes, instant, with soy
  • Soy beans, edamame
Breads, cereals and pasta:
  • Bread and rolls with soy
  • Cold or hot cereals with soy
  • Crackers made with soy
  • Pancake and waffle mixes made with soy
  • Pasta, macaroni, noodles and spaghetti prepared with soy
  • Soy flour, meal, grits, or fiber
  • Zwieback
  • Soups made or prepared using soy (Examples: Campbell's cream of celery and cream of chicken contain soy protein isolates)
  • Butter or margarine with soy
  • Gravy mixes with soy
  • Imitation sour cream
  • Non-dairy creamers or powdered coffee cream with soy protein
  • Oils with soy (may be ok in some people)
  • Peanut butter with soy
  • Salad dressings with soy
  • Vegetable shortenings with soy
Desserts and sweets:
  • Cakes or cookies with soy
  • Candy (even chocolate) with soy
  • Ice cream with soy
  • Pretzels and chips with soy
  • Pudding mixes containing soy
  • Tofutti
  • Bac-os bacon-flavored chips with soy
  • McCormick salad toppings with textured soy flour, soy nuts, or hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • Soy sauce (may be okay)
  • shoyu, tamari, soya
  • Spaghetti sauces with soy
  • Steak sauce with soy
  • Stir-fry sauce with soy
  • Worcestershire sauce containing soy
  • Miso
  • Tempeh
  • Natto
Paul M. Ehrlich, MD
Allergy & Immunology
Anyone following a soy-free diet due to a soy allergy must avoid:

  •   Akara
  •   Hydrolyzed soy protein
  •   Miso
  •   Soy sauce
  •   Soy grit
  •   Soy nuts
  •   Soy sprouts
  •   Soy protein concentrates
  •   Soy protein isolate
  •   Tamari
  •   Tempeh
  •   Textured vegetable protein
  •   Tofu
  •   Vegetable oil
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