What foods can I eat if I have multiple food allergies?

Lisa Palmer
Marriage & Family Therapy

Food allergies can be a very annoying problem and cause many different kinds of physical symptoms from gastrointestinal irritation to hives. Common symptoms of food and chemical intolerance include-migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, skin disorders, asthma, weight gain etc.

If you are having food allergy concerns take the time to visit an allergy specialist to find out what foods your body is designed to "like". There are several different types of tests including the ALCAT test. This blood test goes beyond immunoglobulin related techniques, using neutrophil changes to illuminate sensitivities related to a variety of disorders! Tests like the Alcat will test for many different kinds of foods and provide with very specific information about what foods are best for you!



Kodi Moore
Nutrition & Dietetics

Many grocery stores now have registered dietitians on staff that will go through the aisles with you and create a list of your "safe" foods and teach you how to read the ingredient lists and labels to identify if your allergic foods are in a product. Also, allows you to register for free, enter what your allergic foods are, and then it will filter recipes that do not contain those items. Which makes finding recipes to suite your needs much easier.

Vandana  R. Sheth
Nutrition & Dietetics
Being diagnosed with multiple food allergies can be challenging.  This said, there are many alternatives as far as food choices go to allow more flavor, texture and nutrients.  It is important that you schedule a session with a registered dietitian specializing if food allergies to assess your nutritional needs and help you individualize a meal plan that excludes foods that you are allergic to and adequately meets your needs.  Visit to find a dietitian near you.

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