What can I do if my child has gluten and sugar allergies?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiologist (Heart Specialist)

If your child has gluten allergies or intolerance, you'll have to watch what you feed her. But for those times when you won't be there to monitor her every bite, it's also important to teach your child and those interacting with her about how to manage her condition and which foods she can eat.

Our suggestions:

  • Cook and bake together to help your child learn to take ownership of her diet.
  • Take your child grocery shopping and teach her which foods are okay for her body and which are not. Older children can be taught to recognize the words “gluten-free” on food labels.
  • Talk to teachers and ask if you can give a presentation to parents, so they understand your child's dietary limitations. While you're at it, you can lobby to change cafeteria standards to include more G-free foods.
  • Get involved with other parents who are dealing with the same things. Besides there being power in numbers, there's also great value in having a strong support system.
  • If the whole family isn't going to go gluten free, come up with gluten-free alternatives to whatever you eat, especially for snacks and dessert, so your child doesn't feel deprived.
  • The idea of baked goods to celebrate a birthday may seem impossible, but luckily, there are many stores and online companies that sell gluten-free baking mixes. You can find everything from gluten-free all-purpose baking flour to gluten-free brownie mixes that don’t include sugar.

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