What stretch can I do to loosen up my lower back?

Loosening up the lower back can sometimes seem almost impossible. Sometimes though, to stretch the lower back, you have to stretch other muscles that you wouldn’t think are necessarily associate with it, such as the hip flexors. The hip flexors perform their namesake, but it’s where they originate or attach that matters. The psoas originates from the lumbar spine, and attaches onto the thigh. When you sit for extended periods of time, this muscle will shorten and remain this way. Chronic shortening of this muscle can cause low back pain because of its attachment with the spine. To stretch this muscle stand in a staggered stance. The foot of the side you want to stretch should be behind and rotated slightly inward. Keeping your hands on your hips. push your pelvis forward and  feel for a stretch at the top of your thigh. Hold this for 30 seconds, and repeat 3 times.


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