What are the side effects of flaxseed?

Critics say flax seed must be consumed in high quantities to get the most benefit, because it is harder for the body to process flax seed than fish -- another great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Some people who take flax seed in high doses report minor side effects like stomach aches, flatulence and diarrhea.

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What are flaxseed oil supplements?
Stacy Wiegman, PharmDStacy Wiegman, PharmD
Flaxseed oil supplements are made from the seeds of the flax plant and are available as capsules...
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Who should not use flaxseed?
Discovery HealthDiscovery Health
People with bowel disorders should avoid flax seed in crushed or powdered form because it acts as a ...
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What are the benefits of eating flaxseed?
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MDDr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Ground flax is a great source of heart- and brain-protecting Omega-3s. It's easy to incorporate grou...
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What Are the Health Benefits of Flaxseed?
What Are the Health Benefits of Flaxseed?

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