Why are women more likely to develop posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

James P. Ioli, DPM
Podiatric Medicine
Women who have worn high heels for extended periods may be most at risk of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction because their Achilles' tendons have likely shortened and tightened. The other tendons and ligaments in the area try to compensate, but with time may also experience wear and tear. As they break down, arch support suffers.

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How is posterior tibial tendon dysfunction treated?
Thomas P. San Giovanni, MDThomas P. San Giovanni, MD
Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is usually progressive. Treatment begins with shoe modifications...
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Christopher Chiodo, MDChristopher Chiodo, MD
Rigid flat feet is a condition in which there is no arch to your foot, even when you are sitting...
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Do flat feet require surgery?
Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
Flat feet rarely require surgery, but it can be necessary in some cases. If your flat feet are cause...
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