Where can I purchase fitness books?

Fitness books can be purchased at a book store (ex. Barnes and Nobels, Borders), online (ex. Amazon), shopping centers (ex. Target, K-Mart), or at fitness seminars and conventions.
Online fitness equipment suppliers often offer books and DVDs as well. Website such as and have a wide variety of books available.
You can also go to actual book stores and check out the books before you buy.  Barnes & Noble and Borders have sections for health and fitness.
As mentioned previously, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders are all great places. You can also go to your local library as well, and some fitness stores also have a small selection of books too. I hope this helps!
You can find fitness books on line through google books, Amazon and local book stores . You can get DVDs and even Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, Sony and Nook downloads at these online stores.

I purchase all of my books from Amazon. Since nothing in NYC is a 5 minute drive, I appreciate that I can save time and guarantee that the book I want will be there for me. I also appreciate that Amazon offers reviews and shows other books related to your search, making it easier to aquire more knowledge in future purchases. Books purchased on Amazon are in some cases, 25% to 33% cheaper than the chain bookstores. Finally, Amazon has a service called, "prime" in which you pay shipping once for the whole year on most purchases. If you are an avid reader like me you will save alot of money and time. Ofcourse, if you don't mind giving up a book for your library, you can use a Kindle which after the initial investment is a very affordable way to gain copious amounts of knowledge on health and fitness for a fraction of the price.

However, if you have easy access to a bookstore by all means go and browse through the health and fitness section. I find that Barnes and Noble has a superior health and fitness section AND great coffee. So get a cup and sit down with a few books and see which books speak the most to you and your fitness needs.

Then you can go home and order them on Amazon and save a bundle ;)

One final thought, don't just limit yourself to health and fitness books for your personal health and fitness needs. Books that offer thoughts on motivation, perseverance and accountability could have a HUGE affect on your health and fitness too. Remember, "where the mind goes the body follows."


The best sources of fitness resources I have found are:

Any book store should have excellent resources for fitness books.  Local libraries are also an inexpensive way to get access to books. Don't forget about using IPAD, Kindle or online access to books.  There are plenty of ways.  You just have to take the steps.

Before I purchase a fitness book, I like to check it out at the library before purchasing it for my own collection. This way I can really see if it is something that I will use and reuse. If I do like the book, I usually can pick up a copy of it on, I have had success in finding competitive pricing through their site.

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