Do I need to supplement fitness DVDs with other resources?


Some fitness DVDs will give you everything you need for a complete program. Ideally, you should look for DVDs that contain some type of total body strength training and cardiovascular training. With that said, if you are not getting the results you desire with your DVDs, you may want to consult with a fitness professional to ensure you are performing the most ideal exercises for your particular goal.

Not necessarily. However, the more information and resources that you have access to will only help when you’re ready to change your workout or accomplish another health related objective. The possibilities of additional resources are endless, so feel free to expand your horizons once you feel your fitness DVD(s) have served their purpose and you’re ready to try different types of exercises. 
It's always good to supplement with other resources in addition to what the DVD has to offer. Remember the more information you have about a fitness program the more understanding and benefit to you. Do your due diligence it will only help.

Some workout DVDs give a full workout and you may not need any additional resources. If you are using a DVD that gives a nice cardio session for a minimum of twenty minutes and uses light weights or resistance bands that may be all you need. Remember you want to burn calories and avoid boredom so you stick with it.

Not necessarily. Many DVDs are great for home instruction just for picking up some new tips and techniques. Some even come with posters or website access with additional information and explanations.

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