Can an exercise physiologist help me with a fitness and exercise program?

Absolutely. Exercise physiologists are well versed in all components required in comprehensive exercise programs. A good exercise physiologist can diagnose, design and help implement program best suited to you.

An exercise physiologist is a great resource for starting a health and fitness program. They are well-informed about assessment techniques, human movement, and program design. An exercise physiologist has studied how the human body functions during different exercise conditions. Many specialize in areas such as cardiology, physical therapy, and sports medicine. Others work in clinical settings and are able to prescribe exercise to individuals referred by a physician.

Yes. An exercise physiologist can help you with a fitness and exercise program.  Specifically they can help with testing and laying out a specific plan as it relates to exercise. You can also seek out the help of a certified personal trainer who may have exercise physiology background and who has also gone through a certification program to receive a plan that includes assessment and program design of your exercise and nutrition needs.

Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali, CPT,NASM Elite Trainer
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
As a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist I would say yes emphatically.  An exercise physiologist studies the acute and chronic physiological responses and adaptations resulting from physical activity. They can apply this knowledge to  improve or maintain health, fitness, or performance.  Traditionally, exercise physiologists worked and studied only with athletes to improve performance.  Many exercise physiologists pursue careers as researchers and also work in  commercial, clinical, and workplace settings to increase  health, fitness, and quality of life in the general population. 

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