Why is not thinking the key to successful weight loss?

Not thinking, how does that make sense?! There is so much information and methods out there; it can make your head spin. At the end of the day, weight loss is one of the simplest concepts available- eat less, move more. How hard is that? It becomes hard when individuals over think things like “What types of things should I eat?”, or  “How many and what types of carbohydrates am I allowed to have?”, or “How many minutes at what heart rate should I work out at?”. Answers to questions such as these can certainly maximize or optimize your efforts, however they can tend to get people in a mental rut where they are spinning their wheels so much it becomes immobilizing.

If you want to lose weight and get in shape, you just have to start. It doesn’t have to be miserable and you don’t have to make it some grand effort that you will never be able keep up for very long anyways. Instead, just start moving a little more throughout the day and eating a little less. Stand instead of sitting when you are talking on the phone. Park farther away from the grocery store. Go the long way to the printer at work. Eat one less bite of your lunch than you normally would. Drink a glass of water before your coffee. Remember, the concept is incredibly simple. Don’t over think it. Just start doing it and seek assistance from a fitness coach if you feel like you need help or support along the way.

To successfully lose weight you need to have some Present Moment Awareness (PMA) about both food and exercise – and that means you have to think!  When you have a craving for food, stop yourself and remember your goal of weight loss.  Those chips are not going to get you there!  Then get down and do some pushups instead to remind yourself what you need to do every time you put a snack or too much food in your mouth.  Let’s face the facts, if it touches your lips it will end up on your hips – are the chips really worth it?  You also need to develop a thought pattern that takes every opportunity available to add in some exercise.  If you are waiting at your kid’s soccer practice – go for a walk or park in the farthest spot at the store.  Not thinking is going to leave you in the same place you are today – changing your thoughts about food and exercise will free you from the fat.  Every little bit counts for both food and exercise.

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
I know that "not thinking" may be how you got into this pants-stretching mess in the first place. When you don't think about the consequences of ordering football-sized calzones, you wind up with such pleasantries as high LDL lousy cholesterol, low HDL healthy cholesterol, inflammation in your arteries, and higher risk of aging arteries that cause memory loss, heart disease, even wrinkles, as well as a steady stream of coupon offers from the big-boy's department. What you're going for is making the biological changes so that you make the right choices—without thinking and that will lead to the results you want.

Unless you're the rare kind of person who responds to dietary drill sergeants, you won't find long-term solutions using traditional weight-loss methods—willpower, deprivation, fads, phases, or dead-bolting the lid of the butter pecan. Instead, you will train yourself through a successful weight-loss plan to never think about how much you're eating, never think about getting on a diet or worry about coming off one, and to never have to figure out formulas, zones or, for the love of (fill in the deity of your choice), place a chicken breast on a food scale.
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