When should I do aerobic exercise in my workout routine?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
Build stam+ina through aerobic exercise only after you have integrated a general physical activity (like walking) and strength activities into a usual routine. I believe you should be doing both thirty minutes of walking every day and ten minutes of strength activities every other day before you even attempt stamina activities.

Stamina-building exercises are activities that raise your heart rate. These activities are what we usually think of as "exercise" -- jogging, biking, swimming, aerobics, a "workout." Most people make the mistake of starting their exercise program with these sweat-inducing activities. If you start with stamina exercises, you are more likely to abandon all exercises than if you first integrate general physical activity and strength activities into your daily routine. Many Americans use their treadmills, StairMaster, and exercise bikes as clothes racks because they started with stamina activity before the other two types of exercise and then gave up.

It would depend on your main goals and priorities in your workout program. You should perform what’s more important to you first. If your main goal is to improve your aerobic fitness do that first when you have the most energy. If increasing your muscular strength


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