What exercises can help tone my butt?

Here are some exercises to help tone your butt:

Group 1: Stiff-legged deadlifts, back kicks, good mornings, hyperextensions, and similar variations.

Although they use only one joint (the hip) in performance, these exercises are compound movements (movements using several different parts) in disguise. The lower back (spinal erectors), glutes, and hamstrings are all involved in their execution. To maximize the stress to the hamstrings and glutes, you must focus on contracting them on each repetition (although the lumbar muscles are still involved as stabilizers).

Group 2: Leg curls and similar variations.

These movements focus on the hamstrings, with minimal stress on the glutes and lower back. (The calves also play a small, secondary role in exercise performance.) Leg curls provide several alternatives (standing, seated, kneeling, lying), and you can perform the musing both legs together or one at a time.

Group 3: Abductor exercises and similar variations.

These exercises focus on the glutes, with only minimal activation of the hamstrings. Abduction movements (that is, bringing your leg away from the midline of your body) target the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, which are often overpowered by the much larger gluteus maximus. These exercises produce superior gluteal shape, giving your butt a tight, toned appearance.
Squats and lunges are two great exercises that you can do to tone your butt, and they don't even require any equipment. You can make these exercises more challenging by holding on to hand weights in each hand. Another exercise that is great for toning your butt is a dead lift. This can be done by bending down as if you're touching your toes, with knees slightly bent and slowly coming back up to an upright position. This can be done with or without weights and progressed with increasing weights. You can also try glute kickbacks by getting on your hands and knees and kicking back one leg at a time with a bent knee, pointing your heel up to the ceiling. 

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