What exercises can improve my posture?

The best way to improve posture is to break up repetitive habitual movements. For example, if you are sitting at a desk all day, be sure to get up every couple of hours and stretch. However, two great exercises that can improve posture are the Ball Combo and chin tucks.  To perform the ball combo lie face down on the ball and extend your arms, in line with your body as if you’re making a Y. Next, slowly move your hands down towards your backside, and once there, hold this position for one count. Then, move your hands all the way down, towards your feet. Once there, hold for a count, and then slowly move back up to the starting position. Repeat this for 12-15 repetitions and be sure to focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together as you’re performing this exercise.  

Another great exercise is chin tucks. To perform this exercise, sit with your back next to a wall. Slowly attempt to push the back of your head into  the wall. Keep your head straight and be sure you do not bend your head forward or backward. Hold in this position for 3-5 seconds and release. Repeat this for 12 repetitions.  

To improve your posture do a bent lateral raise on a stability ball. This exercise will also strengthen and define your shoulders. Here's how to do it:
  • Sit on a stability ball, hips slightly forward of the ball’s center, and keep feet and knees together.
  • Hold lightweight dumbbells and bend from the hips, so that the weights are just outside your feet or ankles.
  • With palms facing inward and elbows slightly bent, lift with your upper arms, squeezing your shoulder blades and keeping shoulders down.
  • Pause, lower, and repeat 8 to 12 times. Do one to three sets, depending upon your fitness level.

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