What are some exercise tips for toning my butt?

Here are some exercise tips for toning your butt:
  • You should be careful doing any stiff-legged deadlifts, back kicks, good mornings, hyperextensions, and similar variations if you have previously injured your lower back. The muscles of the lower back (spinal erectors) are highly involved in the performance of these movements and can receive excessive stress, especially when you use weights. If this is a concern, you should employ unweighted versions of these movements (such as hyperextensions) that safely stimulate the hamstrings and glutes while simultaneously strengthening the muscles of the lower back.
  • To apply proper stress to your glutes, you must concentrate on contracting these muscles on every repetition. Women generally have difficulty understanding how to contract their glutes properly during exercise performance. If this is your concern, practice the movement without weights until it becomes second nature.
  • An excellent way to increase the muscle tone of the glutes is to supplement your training with butt squeezes (a method called isotension). This technique is both effective and extremely convenient. You can perform them almost anywhere, including when you are on the couch watching television, in line at the supermarket, or in bed before sleep. Simply contract your glute muscles, hold the squeeze for as long as possible (aim for 30 seconds or more), then release. After you are comfortable with the technique, try to do them in sets, counting each squeeze as one repetition. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions several times a week and you'll soon have buns of steel!
  • During open-chain hamstring exercises (leg curls and their variations), you can shift emphasis to various muscles of the hamstrings by varying your leg position. Turning your legs slightly outward (external hip rotation) targets the biceps femoris, while turning your legs slightly inward (internal hip rotation) works the semitendinosus and semimembranosus to a greater degree. Be careful, though, to stay within a comfortable range; excessive hip rotation when combined with intense knee flexion can lead to a joint-related injury.

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