What should I do if I get sidetracked from my fitness goals?

Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
Life happens and you can get sidetracked from your fitness goals. In this video, I will emphasize that these are a part of life and there are ways to keep up healthy living habits.
If you get sidetracked from your fitness goals, don't give up! Sometimes we all fall down. That doesn't mean that all is lost! Refocus your energy and start again. Revisit your goals and determine where you may have encountered too large an obstacle to overcome. Once you have identified a "problem area," list the strategies you'll use to overcome that problem next time. Where there is a will, there is way! Be the problem solver!
Okay, so you pledged to go to the gym three times a week, but you only went once last week and not at all this week. Now what?

First, don't let a slip-up or two rock your boat. Too often we stop pursuing a goal just because we failed to accomplish the original one. Instead create Plan B -- a more realistic alternative -- and put it into action. For example, if your goal to exercise at the gym isn't working, try brisk walking at lunchtime with a co-worker or around your neighborhood twice a week.

Schedule your alternate goal activities into your week, just as you did your original plan. Keep track of your successes and reward yourself for achievements.

If you're revising your physical activity goal downward, sneak in extra exercise by making it part of something else you have to do: walk stairs instead of taking elevators, carry your own groceries, do yard work that you usually assign to someone else.

Don't give up just because you couldn't achieve the first goal you set. Look at what's possible to achieve right now. When you string together several short-term goals, you'll discover that you've gotten closer to the long-term goal that once seemed so impossible. And give yourself credit for what you're able to do. It's hard to change any behavior. If you make a small change, it's an awesome accomplishment.

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