How do I keep track of my goals?

There are many ways to keep track of your goals and how you keep track is really dependent on what works for you. For short and long term goals, a journal is helpful so that you can see progress and changes particularly over time. Writing short term goals on a calendar is helpful. A calendar is based in time and it will give you a good time perspective of how you are progressing from day to day. Daily goals can also be written on sticky notes and put up in areas where they can frequently be seen as a reminder.

Progress is a line through a list. This was the quote above my 12th grade English teacher's board and has worked for me, personally, and with my clients, throughout my fitness journey.

Make your list, make it realistic, and start checking the boxes as you make progress. You will see great results and will stay motivated to stay with the program. 

The best ways to track a fitness plan is by using a calendar, a journal or designing your own specific, tailored fitness worksheet that includes spaces to chart food, sleep, physical and emotional aspects of your exercise. It's best if you can see progress and see connections between things. 

For the average person (non-athlete) tracking the success of your actions that lead towards your fitness goals needs to be quick and convenient. In my opinion, the easiest and most effective is to use your calendar or daily planner. A journal can also be very effective if you want to track your weight, circumference measurements, and what exercises (weights and cardio) you performed that particular day. Whatever tracking method you use make sure it is effective and keeps you accountable. If you don’t measure your progress, you cannot expect to be successful. Remember, “What get’s measured, get’s done.”

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