How can I burn more fat?

High intensity interval training is great for burning more fat. Instead of taking your 30 minute walk at one pace, try varying your pace faster and slower every few minutes for the duration of your walk. You can do this with most cardio workouts. You can also get your heart rate up and down during strength/interval training circuits. Additionally, the more muscle you have, the more fat you can burn. By having an exercise program that has both cardio and strength training components, you will be setting your body up to be a fat burning machine! 
Fit and unfit people burn fat differently. The more fit you are, the more efficiently your body guzzles fat. On the other hand, perhaps you've been exercising but not losing weight. You may have been working out too hard for too short a period. To burn more total calories, you may need to increase your total exercise time but do it at a lower intensity level.

There is no such thing as a "hot spot" fat-burning zone. Each person's physiology burns fuels somewhat differently. If you are just beginning to work out and you want to lose fat, exercise at 60%-65% of your maximum heart rate. Work your way up to an hour of continuous exercise at this level. After several months of this baseline training, you can kick your metabolism into overdrive and accelerate fat loss. To do this, train in all of your heart rate zones on different days at various intensities to burn fat and raise your metabolism.

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