What is a good walking shoe for my elderly parent?

A walking shoe that has support is great for anyone. Prior to purchasing, you must find out if your parent has any need for addition arch support. Do they have wide or narrow feet? Personally, I would take them shopping and have them try on walking shoes. Many stores now have the ability to test your feet to find what the best fit is.

Good shoes are the ones that fit best and offer good cushioning to support elderly, fragile feet. Where to find them? I suggest taking your parent to a sports specialty store. The one I always recommend and go to all the time is Run On specialty shoe store. They have a great knowledgeable staff on foot anatomy and will give you a good analysis of your parent’s walking movement. Based on that, they will suggest the proper shoes that would be best. Otherwise, select lightweight, flexible outsole, cushioned insole, and easy-grip padded-tongued shoes. You may want to consider no-lace slip-ons for comfier and easy wear.

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