What athletic shoes can I wear to avoid foot problems?

Yusuf Boyd, NASM Elite Trainer
Athletic Training Specialist

In today's market there are a ton of shoes and picking the right one for your needs can seem overwhelming. You do not need the most expensive shoe but you want to keep in mind that most shoes on the lower end of the price range $50 and under are not made with the same quality as the shoes along the mid to high end of the price range. Brand does not matter in this calculation. All brands have lower end models as well as higher end models and they are priced accordingly. For the basics, you need a shoe that provides adequate support and is comfortable. If it is uncomfortable, feels too tight, toes have no room, etc., think about switching to a different size and/or brand. Comfort and support are the main keys to obtaining a shoe that will aide in reducing foot related issues.

You want to buy athletic shoes that combine support and comfort. When you purchase new shoes initially wear them for only a few hours at a time. Check for any sore or red spots on your feet. If your feet are uncomfortable, such as too snug, you should look into a different brand or size. There are several athletic shoe stores that employ experts that can help you find the right shoe.

It is best to buy shoes from a store that has experienced personnel who know how to measure your feet and fit your shoes correctly. A "certified pedorthist" is a specialist in fitting shoes and inserts for a proper fit with no pressure points. When you get new shoes, wear them for only a few hours, and then check your feet for any red areas or sore places where the shoes might be rubbing.

Even well-fitted shoes may have a seam or area that rubs on your foot. Get padded athletic socks that protect your feet from blisters. Athletic shoes have become very high-tech these days and have different features depending on the exercise you are planning to do. It is a good idea to get the ones with extra cushion because this reduces the wear and tear on your joints. Look in the Yellow Pages for stores that specialize in athletic shoes or have a pedorthist on staff.

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