Will my stomach shrink if I eat less?

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  • Your stomach doesn't shrink when you eat less. Your stomach can expand to handle a large meal -- up to a certain limit. As food moves on to the small intestine, the stomach goes back to its usual size. When you cut back on your portions, your stomach keeps its normal size even if your appetite isn't as big.
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  • Your stomach will not shrink if you eat less. Your stomach is very small but has an amazing capability to expand to meet intake levels. If you continually eat large food portions your stomach will accommodate and tolerate large food intake levels. Likewise if you continually eat smaller portions your stomach will not be accustomed to eating large quantities of food, making you feel uncomfortable. Food remains in the stomach for approximately 4-5 hours most of the food contents has emptied from the stomach, at which point the stomach returns to its normal size.

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