I want to workout to have fun. Where do I start?

There are many ways to have fun while exercising. I would recommend starting with identifying what types of activities you enjoy. Whether you enjoy playing group sports such as baseball or basketball or prefer more solo adventures like kayaking or running, tailor your exercise to your interests.

If you enjoy competition, you can always train for a bodybuilding or physique competition. Or maybe the challenge of setting goals and shattering them in and of itself is enjoyable to you.

Try some different types of activities and make note of the ones you enjoy doing, then research your opportunities from there.

Best of Luck

Get Up, Get Out, Get Going...

There are many ways to make exercise enjoyable. Start by identifying what types of activities you dislike and which you would be willing to try. For example, you may find that you do not enjoy running, but you are willing to walk while listening to your favorite music. Perhaps you find that you would rather take a dance class than exercise at a gym. The more enjoyable an exercise is to you the more likely you will engage in that activity on a regular basis. Next, determine how you can incorporate a these activities into your weekly schedule. It might be helpful to call your friends and ask them if they are willing to participate in an activity with you. Working out with others can help increase motivation. Finally, be sure to set small, realistic goals for yourself. Setting a goal will give you something to strive for and will help engender a sense of success.

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