What are some summer fitness tips?

The summer is a great season for getting in shape, whether by playing a sport, an aerobic exercise routine, or just returning to that familiar running path — this is the time for activity.

However, exercising during the warmest season of the year can lead to dehydration, profuse sweating, exhaustion, and even to a cardiac event.

Dr. Holly Andersen, director of education and outreach at the Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, says, "Exercise is the fountain of youth and summer is the perfect time to get re-connected with your body."

She offers the following tips to those looking to resume or begin a workout routine this summer:
  • Talk to your doctor. You should always consult your physician before beginning or changing your exercise regimen in any way.
  • Take your workout indoors. When it is too hot or humid outside you should exercise in a cool, air-conditioned space. Extreme temperatures can interfere with circulation, making breathing more difficult and causing chest pain.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Throughout your workout routine it is important to drink plenty of water, even before you feel thirsty. If you are prone to lightheadedness (from low blood pressure), are an endurance athlete, or over age 75, you should replenish your "electrolytes" as well — having a little salt can be important for you.
  • Try to maintain an even body temperature. After your workout you should not take an extremely hot or cold shower, or a sauna bath, as these can increase the workload on your heart.
  • Be an early bird. If you truly enjoy exercising outdoors, take advantage of the coolest times of day — the early morning and evening hours.
  • Wear sunscreen. If you have a sunburn, it will decrease your body's ability to cool itself off. Always remember to apply sunscreen to your entire body every morning.
  • Take it slow. Start your exercise regimen slowly and pace yourself throughout the workout, including plenty of time for breaks and to drink fluids.
  • Have fun. Taking time to exercise is taking time for you. Enjoy it — smile, breathe deeply and clear your mind. Exercising to music is mood and energy enhancing, but if you are outside wearing headphones, PAY ATTENTION!
I love the summer and I all the options that it brings. Here are a few ideas: 

1)  Pick an activity that you have always wanted to do-tennis, golf, windsurfing, rollerblading, trapeze, jogging.. and commit to doing it one day a week for 10 weeks.
2)  Go to the park alone with a frisbee or a football and find a new friend to throw it. 
3)  Walk. Try for a day to do all your errands and activities without driving to them.
4)  Pick one activity you never thought you would do, but always wanted to and hire the expert in your area to teach you.
5)  Go to the local animal shelter and walk the pets.
6)  Grab a friend and find a local park and pick up the garbage. It is a great way to burn your legs. Squat when pick up the trash-act like you are going to sit in an imaginary chair. 
7)  Commit to a friend that each week you will do a different activity alternating who surprises the other one. Encourage each other to be creative. 
Summer is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy nature while you workout. Some fitness tip include, but are not limited to: staying hydrated - with the higher temperatures comes the higher likelihood of dehydration. Wear light colored, loose-fit clothing to allow for good ventilation which will keep your body cooler. Wear sunblock on sunny days to avoid sunburn and to decrease your chances of skin cancer.

Summer is the best time of year to stay fit.  You have the opportunity to get outside and have some outdoor fun.  I like to think of fitness as fun rather than an obligation. You can do some fun things during the summer like hiking, camping, walking, running, bike riding and the list just continues.

You can make challenges by going with a group of people and see who can run the fastest, get to the top first or pitch a tent the best.  Competitiveness adds to the fun in the fitness.  You can even invest in a pedometer or heart rate monitor so you can see just how active you really are when you engage in some activity.

I woud suggest gathering a group of friends up regularly and doing some type of outdoor activity.  It does not have to be expensive.  It is free to go to a city park and run or walk a trail.

JC Pinzon
Engage in many outdoor activities that you like in order to stay motivated. Eat plenty of fresh salads and low calorie fruits available this time of the year. They are cheaper and healthier while in season. One good healthy decision reinforces another healthy decision.
Summer is the best time to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.  Go to the lake and take a swim, go for a hike or go to the water park with the family.  Remember to stay hydrated and bring a water bottle with you during any outside activity you participate in.  I recommend Gatorade or Powerade as well to replenish your electrolytes.  Since you are out in the sun, please do not forget your sunscreen.  Play hard but keep yourself safe.
Mark Levine
I'm from Illinois and I always enjoy moving my summer workouts outside. This includes cardio(running,walking, or cycling). I also do some strength training outside and most of this is driven by body weight. I go to a park and will run or cycle there. Once at the park, I do a circuit of pushups, dips, pull-ups (on the monkey bars). Do a few circuits with your body weight and then run or bike around the park and do it again.
Kathy Shain

Trying out some new outdoor activities is a great way to get some exercise, meet different people,  get some vitamin D, and find peace. Some great ones to try are biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and in-line skating. These are all fun changes to add to your fitness routine after being confined to a gym all winter.

Get outside! Summer provides so many fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities, especially if you live in a cold-weather climate. Just the thought and mention of summer seems to create a motivation to be more active and try new activities. Use the opportunity of the warmer temperatures and sunshine to be outside and challenge yourself! For example; grab some friends for a game of basketball, volleyball or kickball, go for a hike, or clean off that bicycle that's been tucked away in the garage. Whatever activity you choose, make it one that you enjoy or are curious to try, have fun and the fitness part will happen naturally!
The most important tip for summer fitness is keeping hydrated. As the temperatures rise you sweat more and lose more water. Get in the habit of drinking water regularly. If you wait until you are thirsty, you are too late. By the time the thirst response kicks in you are already dehydrated. It is also important to choose your clothing carefully. Dark clothes, especially black will absorb the heat making a warm day even hotter. Choose light colored clothing. If you are exercising or going to be active outside, choose active wear that is called low wick. This type of fabric draws the moisture away from your body and helps keep you cool. The last tip is choose an activity you love and have fun. Enjoy the sunshine and great outdoors.
Summer is the perfect time to get in shape. The warm weather allows you to do a lot of fun activities outdoors that can keep you in shape. For example, bicycling, tennis, skating, walking, or even playing with the kids. All of these activities plus more can be done and the most important thing is that you don't over exert yourself. It is important that you keep your body hydrated, and do things that you enjoy. When you do activities you enjoy you are more likely to stick with it.

Living in Minnesota, we spend 4-5 months indoors. My biggest tip is to get outside and enjoy the weather. Take walks, rollarblade, hike. Being active outdoors is a lot more fun, then being cooped up!

There are hundreds of ways to achieve or maintain fitness during the summer. My professional suggestion is to "get up and get outside to enjoy the summer - live a little this summer, or live a little more." Training is so much more than the gym, it is a way of life. Take your workout outdoors, i.e. utilize fitness boot camps, the TRX Suspension Training System, kettlebells, Spring Interval Training (SIT), or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at the local park. If adventure is your lifestyle, hit the trails and stop every so often to knock out some calisthenics.

Lastly and most importantly, keep nutrition simple while enjoying the summer, i.e. consider the type of food (raw vs processed or frozen vs fresh), frequency (how often to consume food), proportions (how much to consume at once), and hydration (drink sufficient water - amounts will vary). Nutrition is key to any fitness program.

So, take advantage of your outdoors. Adapt to what is available and modify accordingly. Modifications will keep working out fun and exciting - another key to sticking with fitness.

Enjoy:) the summer!

I love summer! Definitely get outside for your cardiovascular workouts - biking, walking, running, swimming, rollerblading, etc. Don't forget about your strength training though! So many people say they are going to workout outside but I don't see a ton of people lifting weights outdoors (although I have done a few dumbbell circuits in my yard so I know it is possible). Just make sure to include strength training in your routine. Take advantage of the early morning daylight, drink lots of water and enjoy!

Summer is a great season for family fitness! With the kids out of school, it's a great opportunity to include them in activities as well as everyday meal plans. Here are some suggestions to keep your family active, fit, and eating healthy this summer.

Check with your town's Park and Recreation District to see what your community offers. Some communities have great programs, camps, and events to keep the kids active and occupied all summer long. Some examples are swim or tennis lessons, and nature camps. There may even be activities for adults or the whole family.

Do nutrition craft! Using the as a template, have the kids make their own 'plate' by cutting out magazine pictures of food. You can make a collage of healthy foods and talk about portion control while working with them on this project. Talk to them about unhealthy foods and why eating too much of them is not good for their bodies. Fill a school back pack with books and have them walk around in it and even try to perform some of their favorite activities with the extra weight. Explain that too much unhealthy food weighs you down and make it harder to be active. Have them describe what it feels like to carry such heavy weight. 

Include them in helping with meal planning, shopping and cooking. Let them decide which colors of fruits and vegetables you are going to eat, and what the protein and grain will be. By involving them in the decisions, they will be empowered to eat healthy!

Include each family member in your family's fitness plans. Have each person make up a workout and take turns instructing; if you get silly, even better. Make a goal to do one active thing each day and take turns deciding what that will be.

May your food be colorful and your fitness be fun!

I live in NC where it is very hot and humid. If you have a problem with heat and humidity try this trick: Cut a piece of pantyhose or an old nylon sock.  Fill it with ice cubes and pin it to the back of your shirt or attach it to a backpack if you are carrying one. Put the pantyhose down your shirt and voila! Instant ice pack that will slowly melt and feel great in the hot summer.
  1. 2.       As summer time approaches and we wear less clothes and get ready to hit the beach, lakes, and pools the natural desire to shape up is an obvious choice. Here’s some tips to help you with summer time fitness:

Pick some activities you’ve never done but wanted to try and do it for a week or two

Consider joining a recreational sport league in something fun and social like ultimate Frisbee or flag football or softball

Go for group walks and hikes with friends and family

Make sure to stay adequately hydrated and wear clothing and sun screen that protects the skin from harmful UV rays

Follow these tips and have a fun active summer!

Summer is a great time to be outside. Take advantage of the weather and be active. Many activities can be fun and beneficial to your health. Try going for a hike with friends and family, go for a swim or play outside. Spending more time outdoors will naturally increase your activity level. Be sure to always wear sunscreen and protective clothing. Also, when preparing meals, take advantage of fresh vegetables and fruits. Eating well will make you feel better and give you more energy for exercise.

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