5 Summer Workouts These Sharecare Experts Swear By

5 Summer Workouts These Sharecare Experts Swear By

Head outdoors to burn calories and lose weight this season.

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By Jordan Lawson

Summer means warm weather and longer days—perfect for heading outside for a good workout. And while exercising in the heat of the day isn’t a good idea, many fitness routines lend themselves to the season’s pleasant early mornings and evenings. Need some fitness inspiration? We asked Sharecare experts what they do to stay active in the summer. From pool time with the kids to simply getting in more steps, these ideas will help you lose weight, shape up and feel great.

Jump in the pool

2 / 6 Jump in the pool

“Summer gets really warm in Arizona, so we stay fit by getting up early and getting outside. Pool time is a favorite at our houses. We set up obstacle courses for the kids, have relay races and play games, like who can tread water the longest,” says Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty, founders of Fit Mom Diet.

Take a family hike

3 / 6 Take a family hike

“I walk to and from work most days of the week. It’s just over a mile, so that means four miles walking every day, including going home for lunch. On weekends, my family and I go hiking in the county park. That’s usually two hours or so—it’s great family time, gets us in nature and is very helpful for decompressing and staying unplugged,” says Sharecare’s Chief Medical Officer Keith Roach, MD.

“For me, summer is triathlon season, so that also means early morning bike rides, runs and swimming, which I like to do in open water when I can, or in our town pool,” adds Dr. Roach.

Try an outdoor boot camp

4 / 6 Try an outdoor boot camp

“I run three times a week, once with the baby in the jogging stroller. I also do outdoor boot camps in our local park in Brooklyn. It's great because the instructor makes each session different. She uses the benches in the park for dips and push-ups and the playground swings for a challenging ab series. It's a fun way to get fit while enjoying the outdoors," says best-selling author and recognized health expert Frances Largeman-Roth, RD.

Work it out on the beach

5 / 6 Work it out on the beach

Running is always my favorite workout. That includes running in the morning before it gets too hot, or breaking up my run. I’ll run indoors on the treadmill for two miles, then walk outside for the remaining mile with my toddler. That way, we both get exercise and spend time together,” says Emergency Department Physician and Sharecare Senior Vice President of Clinical Strategy Darria Long Gillespie, MD.

“On vacation you can walk or jog in the deeper, dry sand to give your buttocks and calves a real workout, or walk in about one foot of water to give yourself some resistance and to cool off.”

Up your step count

6 / 6 Up your step count

“Summer is the perfect time of year to work on increasing your daily step count. We're often so focused on the best workout to do during our exercise time that we forget that the remaining hours of the day are just as important,” says Florida-based certified fitness trainer Jessica Smith.

“Take advantage of the longer daylight hours and warmer weather and walk more during your day. Vacations are also a great time to add in more steps by exploring new cities and towns, or even your own, and stay active while having fun.”