Is it safe to try new fitness trends?

There is no shortage of "original" ideas when it comes to fitness. Trends pop up every day.  While it's great to keep your workouts progressive according to your fitness level and goals, it's not a great idea to try out a fitness trend without getting more information.  Whatever you do should be evidence based - grounded in scientific research and proven to be safe and effective.  You may want to ask a certified fitness professional to take a look before you jump into anything for the first time.  Remember, you can have fun, vary your programs and get super results, but make sure the method is proven before you try it. 
The one thing I tell anyone seeking advice on this topic is to put your trust in an organization or company.  The above answers are awesome and are very truthful about the fitness community not being regulated and looking at evidence based research.

I would have a tendency to rely heavily on investigating companies and then once I found a company who I trusted I would have a tendency to trust their methods and advice and trends.  

For instance I have researched and trust the NASM, HFPN, dotFIT and a few other supplement companies.  When NASM comes out with a new certification I do not have to research much because I trust the company and therefore know it would be good for me.  When ShareCare came out I did not need to investigate it much because it was backed by the NASM and HFPN.

With supplement companies like dotFIT and Beverly International, I trust them so therefore I will trust a new supplement when it comes out if they produce it.  I will not usually trust other supplements because I will tell myself "If the companies I trust are not producing it then maybe that says something." 
As you have probably noticed, new fitness trends are popping up all the time.  As Joan stated, you will want to keep your workouts progressive according to your fitness level and goals, but it's not a very good idea to try out a fitness trend without getting more information. If you discover a new trend that appeals to you, do some research.  Make sure the exercises are evidence based as well as scientifically proven safe and effective.  A certified fitness professional should be able to review the trend and determine its benefits or pitfalls. You will also want to take your own limitations into consideration.  What might be safe for one person, may not be safe for another. 
Great question! I have seen alot of fitness trends come and go. You have to do your due diligintcy. Communicate with other people that are doing what you are interested in. Try to get feed back on how it has worked for them. Always try it out first to see if it fits your personality and fitness needs before you committ.

I believe some Fitness trends in training, and nutrition can be safe if they are looked over and approved by your physician, and a fitness expert to make the appropriate adjustments, based on ones individual goals and physical limitations. The adjustments that should be made if not incorporated could cause serious injury or hospitalization, to avoid these setbacks always seeks clearance before following trends...

I have been involved in the health & fitness industry for over 15 years professionally and have seen hundreds of fitness trends emerge. Many of the trends are either a reboot or repackaging of a past trend or simply fade within a year. My belief in this phenomenon is that fitness is based on the individual, task, and their goals. Trends do not adhere to the principle of individuality. Trends are for the mass market instead.

My advice is when you are investigating a new trend, consult with a professional coach to help guide you through the trend or program. The coach and you will be able to potentially modify the program to fit your needs specifically. If that can happen that trend will no longer be a trend for you, but a tool that you can utilize for a healthier you.

Every time I turn on the TV there seems to be a new fitness craze.  These trends can be fun and beneficial but the average individual needs to take a few things into consideration before jumping on-board.  

1-What is my current fitness level?

2- Is this program, a program that will motivate me and keep me actively engaged?

3-Will this program meet my fitness needs?

Often individuals get sucked into the hype, not taking into consideration if the program is right for them.  If you are an individual who has limited physical activity then I would unquestionnably consult a fitness professional before participating.

Heather Kerr

Before determining if you should head full force into a new fitness regime. You must first and foremost check with your doctor to ensure your health is able to withstand the demands of your new fitness quest.  

When you get the go ahead that your health is tip top to begin your new journey into the hottest fitness trend to hit the mid-west you may consider taking a few before and after photos while also beginning this journey with a personal fitness assessment.  This test sometimes could be offered FREE at your local health club, however would be worth your time and a few bucks to consider when beginning a program to save much more in time and money later.  

Fitness assessments are used to determine a starting point.  Even though you were once the collage football star, you may now be the star couch potato and Budwiser man.  Chances are your endurance and strength are far from a touch down and you may want to consider if you can even touch your toes before assuming that you can be the star player with the flick of turning off the tube and hitting the field.

Having a fitness assessment can also tell you valuable information to gage your progress and will allow for tangible/visual insight to what is working and what is not.

You might find the perfect fitness trend does in fact appeal to your fitness goal be sure to begin slow while tracking your results daily to determine if it is actually following through with your goals and it's claims. 

Don't get swept away, Say you decide to follow “The Body for Life Program”, (Which I love by the way),  however your goal is to run a 10K in two months, you may need to reconsider your fitness plan to determine if this will allow you to achieve your end result.  Chances are in this case I would have to say another option would be better suited.

My personal experience with my 100 pound loss of personal weight was grabbing a sheet of paper, tracking my starting weight, BMI, BF, and body measurements. I then took two weeks prior to beginning my plan to write down my food (prior to changing any habits), to determine my calorie intake, my likes and dislike and what foods I was emotional drawn to when eating on a daily basis, in addition to a fitness assessment and also did a Vo2 max test to determine my cardio fitness level while also determining my current strength.  I paid $80 one time to meet with a trainer at my local gym to determine my results and tracked off 100 pounds with blogs and motivation from others like me, the best fitness trend I can find. ;-)


Roy Miner
As far as new fitness trends. I feel that as long as it gets you moving then it should help you to living a healthier lifestyle. As far as the safety of the items. If it is a device that claims to be a quick fix system, with very little or no effort on your part, then stay away from it. There is no "quick fix" weight loss/muscle increase program. Sitting in your chair is not going to get you thinner or more muscular. I really enjoy watching the infomercials on TV to see the next great fitness trend. And I have to say that there are a lot of really good programs on the market. And as I said, if it gets you off the couch and if you stick with it, any of these programs will help. Remember to check with your Doctor before you start any program. But if you feel that your favorite trend will help you. Then I say go ahead and try it. Moving is your friend. So if the trend gets you motivated to move then it has done its job.
It is completely safe and also encouraged.  What you have to remember is there is not one program that is the best.  There are many things out there that work great for different kind of results.  Plus changing up your routine is another great way for your body not to adapt to your program.  However when trying new trends you probably want to see your fitness professional first to make sure it fits within the goals you want to achieve.
There is nothing new under the sun. The principles of conditioning and fitness have been tweaked and repackaged for ages. Prior to engaging in a new trend I suggest that you do your homework. What is the device or program tying to accomplish? Is there hard science to verify the claims of the trend? Is it safe and beneficial to my training? Is it to good to be true? Does the trend fit my specific needs or goals? These are just a few of the questions you should ask before go head first into a new trend. Solid training principles grounded with a history of verifiable results and hard work will produce a life of health and fitness.  
It depends on the trend and who is teaching it and offering you guidance in it? Some new fitness trends end up staying around for long periods of time and become an integral part of fitness like resistance training, yoga, core training, and functional training. Some fitness trends fade quickly because they are dangerous or simply not effective like Taebo, working out in sauna suits, running with ankle weights. Before you try a new fitness trend read up to see if there are reports of people suffering high levels of injuries from the fitness trend. Another important thing to do is to make sure that the people teaching and developing these fitness trends are qualified and certified professionals with solid backgrounds in health, fitness, and exercise and program design. If the trend is being developed by qualified professionals and there are no reports of unusual injuries then give the new trend a try. 

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