Is it true that pain is a sign you’re getting the most from your workout?

No pain, no gain they always say.  Most workouts should be done at a level that does make you tired.  If you are lifting weights use a weight that allows you to only do the number of reps required.  If you are doing cardio, you should still be able to talk.  If you can sing, you may need to increase your intensity and if you cannot speak fluently you may need to decrease your intensity.  These general workouts should not be painful.  Possibly uncomfortable, but not painful.  Always listen to your body, it will guide you well.  If you are passing the uncomfortable stage you may be setting yourself up for injury.  Work hard. Work smart!
Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
Pain is not a sign that you're getting the most from your workout. In this video, I will share tips for how to know when you're overdoing it.
A little soreness is OK, but significant pain in a muscle or joint can mean that you over-stressed or overstretched a ligament, tendon or muscle, or it can indicate actual joint injury.  Rest the area for several days, initially icing and then switching to applications of warm, moist heat a couple to several times a day.  If there is little relief, persistent pain or increasing pain, see a health professional. 

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