Is fitness a habit?

Fitness should be a habit if you intend to make it a permanent part of life. By incorporating fitness into your life on a more regular basis, you can it turn into a habit. Developing this habit does take work, motivation, and perseverance. With a little determination, you can make fitness an integral part of your life and reap the bountiful rewards it will bestow.

Absolutely.  Remember though that to make a habit it is something you should do on a regular basis.  Some habits are hard to do or even break like smoking.  Develop that committment, motivation and support structure will help you along the way.  Just take it one day at a time and you will notice that exercise will not only be habit but a lifestyle change.
Absolutely! Not everyone is in the same place when it comes to exercise. We are not all designed to start and continue to exercise for a lifetime. Exercisers go through five stages of change when it comes to exercise. To change behavior it takes 6 months. The precontemplative stage is people who don't want to exercise. This person has probably never exercised, didn't grow up with it and doesn't understand it or the benefits it provides. The contemplative stage is people who begin to see there is a need for exercise but the con's outweigh the pro's. This person may have had exerperiences with exercise in the past but those exerperiences may not have been positive which lead to this person quitting exercise. In the preparation stage people are starting to think about exercising. This person has a plan to begin an exerice program. In action exercise has started although the habit hasn't yet formed. This person has not maintained a regular exercise program for 6 months. A person in maintenance has exercised regular for 6 months forming the new change or habit. In each stage a person can move forward or backwards. 
Yes.  It is like anything you have done in your life.  For example, people go to work everyday.  At first it may have been hard and took time for it to become a part of their daily routine, but once they started doing it consistently over time they just do it without thinking about.  They accept this is part of what they need to do to make sure they earn money to pay bills, support children, etc.  The more you do something the more it becomes a part of your life without even thinking about it.  You must be committed and do it consistently to make it a part of your daily routine.

It does become a habit.  When you first start to become fit, it takes thought and even some effort.  The more you do these things, such as packing a nutritious lunch or making your exercise class, it will become second nature and you will notice when it is not there.  It takes time for things to become habit, so stick with it everyday.  Your body will appreciate it.
Teri Marlatt
Yes, fitness is absolutely a habit. In order to start making fitness a habit, make time for fitness activities in your schedule and find a fitness activity that you love to do (running, walking, Zumba, weight lifting). Also Remember that fitness activities do not have to be in a gym. Take a dance class, korate class, or swim at your local pool. Anything that you love can provide motivation to start making fitness and regular activity a habit. Stick with it.

Fitness is a conscious CHOICE not a habit. A habit is defined by Farfax Medical Dictionary as A recurrent, often unconscious, pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition. Fitness is comprised of a series of deliberate decisions, conscious commitments, daily disciplines, and lifestyle choices requiring the continual awareness of how one treats the body and what he or she does with it. While a fitness “routine” does involve repetitive behaviors that may be incorporated into a daily schedule, SUCCESS comes only through continual hard work, structured progression, and dedicated effort by the participant. An individual must be an active participant in their fitness program in order to gain the ownership and enthusiasm that will carry them through the challenges, obstacles, and trials that come with maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the chaos of and ever-evolving work-life balancing act.      

In order to achieve anything, it has to be a habit for you.  Athletes achieve perfection because they practice everyday.  Teachers are able to share their knowledge to you because they made a habit of learning it.  As trainers we make it a habit to not only train our clients body but to help them to train their minds so that they can achieve their goals.

Fitness is a should be a habit.  Anything that is done in habit is done without having to think twice about it.  Exercise and eating healthy will become second nature to you once you make it a habit.

John Andrew

Fitness is a lifstyle choice. For someone new to fitness it helps to start with frequency goals first before setting weight loss, strength, flexibility, or cardio goals.

If you are new to exercise check with your doctor and get clearance before you start an exercise program. Once cleared for exercise I recommend getting your calendar out and looking realistically at your weekly schedule. When do you have time to schedule a "fitness hour appointment" into your schedule? (You may need time to change and shower, so be realistic about scheduling your time). With this in mind, start with two to three days per week to get started.

Now that you have an idea as to your time availability, find a trainer that will be able to conduct a fitness assessment for you. (This will be be different from what your doctor has done.) You will want to know what areas to focus on first. They can save you a lot of time and energy my designing a program based on your personal needs and fitness goals. 

Now you are ready to begin your journey.  I have heard it said that habits take 21 days to establish. Enjoy as you reap the health and wellness benefits that a fitness lifestyle (habit) will afford you.

It most definitely is a habit! Unless your job keeps you fit you have to set aside time to perform a workout. Fitness is just as important as brushing your teeth or showering every day. Set aside a specific time to keep yourself fit!
Yes, you could say fitness is a habit, a good habit at that.  However, I also view fitness as a lifestyle.  Choosing to be physically fit is similar to choosing to become politically involved or choosing to work from home.  It is a way of life that you decide works for you.  Now having said that, does that mean you have to go to the gym 3 times a week every week?  No, it does not mean that.  What it means is that you find things you enjoy to do, whether that be golfing, walking, hiking, biking, etc., and incorporate those things into your daily routine.  As you make fitness part of your lifestyle and your fitness level increases, you may find that going to the gym can be fun!  But at the end of the day, whether you make fitness a habit or part of your lifestyle, the key is to get out there, get some exercise, have some fun, and stick with it.

I have an entire blog series that I have posted based on habits but go even further an call the series Beliefs vs Habits, which one is more important?

We all know it is important to develop healthy habits that are labeled as fitness.  Activity, nutrition, rest are all areas that lead to better fitness and regularly and consistently doing this will result in becoming a habit, but how do we make it regular and consistent?  

Most people struggle being consistent and therefore the habits break down.  Beliefs do come before habits because habits are a result of an inner transformation that has taken place.  Habits are a result of decisions and transformations that are made internally.  Habits break down because of first a breakdown between a persons ears.

Fitness is a habit but a person must change how they think and belief about themselves and life in general.  If people are more positive about themselves, more positive about life and more positive about their ability to succeed then the habits take care of themselves.

Almost all experts focus on the habit when in reality you take care of the belief first and developing and sustaining the habit becomes easy.

Fitness is absolutely a habit. As with all habits, it is one that takes time to develop. My intent when working with new clients is to take fitness from a thought to a habit to a lifestyle. When that occurs, I have succeeded.

Fitness is absolutely a habit! True health and wellness is a lifestyle build on the foundation of healthy habits. If fitness is not a habit then it's a fad; which will fade over time. When fitness is a habit, you adhere to it when it’s convenient AND when it’s not. If you allow fitness to fall in and out of favor, you subject yourself to the 'yo-yo' effect of good and bad health. When you turn fitness into a habit, it becomes a part of you life that takes precedence over unhealthy behaviors. This is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

How do you turn fitness into a habit? Well you start by focusing on one thing at time. Breaking bad habits and forming new ones takes time and discipline. If you try to completely overhaul your life in one fell swoop you are likely to become overwhelmed. Focus on one or two changes at a time and do whatever it takes to keep your compass dialed in on those changes. It's going to take a few months to break yourself of unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones, but its worth the effort. Humans are habitual creatures so once you establish new, healthier habits, you are likely to stick with them. Over time, the changes you are making will become automatic, you subconscious will run them on ‘auto-pilot'. Once this happens you can begin to implement additional changes.

Which changes should you start with? This is where a health coach or personal trainer earns their worth. You need take inventory of your daily activities and categorize which ones are helping you achieve a healthier life and which ones aren't. A lot of your actions and decisions during a day are a result of your subconscious. This means you perform them without really thinking about it. Since this is the case, you need to set aside your bias and REALLY evaluate your lifestyle. Usually it is easier for someone else to uncover your bad habits. Once you have differentiated the good from the bad, choose one or two small habits that you need to break yourself of. This isn't going to be easy so be prepared to employ some willpower and self discipline. If you don't have it within yourself to hold yourself accountable, find a coach here on Sharecare to help you. Remember, your reality today doesn’t have to be your reality tomorrow. But this only stands true if you make the conscious decision to change your habits and perception!

Fitness is not naturally a habit but should be made a habit.
It is for me. If not, it certainly should be for you if long term healthy lifestyle is one of your goals. Making it part of your daily life might seem a challenge in the early going but will pay huge dividends in the end.

For me, fitness becomes a way of life. It is part of your normal routine, like brushing your teeth or going to the supermarket. So I guess in thinking about it, it is sort of a habit.

But it is something that you need to incorporate into your life.

It can be!  It's a healthy habit to form if you aren't presently active. If you treat fitness like a habit, you'll likely see results, and stick with it. All the more reason to make it a habit starting today! 

Judy Caplan
Nutrition & Dietetics

Yes fitness is a habit. To be fit and to stay fit you have to continually exercise and eat well or you will lose it. Physical fitness requires regular upkeep. You have to work out or do enough physical labor that your muscles and organs stay in shape. Fitness requires dedication and the motivation to find the time to insert it into your busy life. Once you like the results both physical and mental, a habit forms to be able to maintain the results.

Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
Fitness should be the best habit you know. Your body needs to move on a daily basis. Living a sedentary lifestyle can cause all types of medical issues stemming from obesity, hypertension or heart disease. You should alway make it a habit to get up and MOVE!
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