How can I stay in shape if my new baby isn’t sleeping and I’m so tired?

Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
Congratulations! You are not alone; all new parents are sleep deprived. Sleep is important for your mind and body, and lack of sleep can really hurt your endurance for exercise and your recovery. Balancing your time as much as possible, and making sure to get as much sleep as you can, will go a long way toward keeping you healthy. I like to see my new mom clients on a regular, workout schedule, without overdoing it, and making time for sleep and rest. Consistency is key to staying fit for everyone, even 10-30 minutes a day. Exercising and walking with a baby always helped me during those early months.
Lyn Turton
Nutrition & Dietetics

Find an activity you can do with your baby such as walking with them in a sling or stroller. A walk in the fresh air can lift your mood and invigorate you when you are lacking sleep.

Mom and baby workouts are great because they allow you to play and bond with your baby while you exercise. Check your local library for workout DVD's.

All new moms suffer from sleepless nights - try to nap when your baby does nap or ask a trusted adult to look after your baby while you rest. 

If you’re fatigued and constantly tired it may be a good idea to rest and let your body recover. You can maintain most of your fitness by simply being active and taking care of your new baby and all the duties involved in that. Exercising in a sleep deprived state can often be counterproductive since you may not be able to maintain good form and may have chronically high levels of stress hormones which can break down lean muscle mass. Get your rest, and when the baby is sleeping through the night get back to your old fitness routine.

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