How can I get rid of the fat around my hips?

Wendy Batts
Many believe working your hip muscles excessively in the gym will lead to fat reduction in that specific area. Losing fat in any area of your body is a result of burning more calories than you consume. The best way to achieve this calorie scenario is to incorporate a sensible reduced-calorie diet and increase your physical activity. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid the hip exercises, though! Incorporate lower body exercises to build strength and endurance in your muscles and you will start to see fat decrease throughout your entire body, including your hips.
David Buer
There is no such thing as targeting one particular area of the body for fat loss. Our fat cell distribution is genetically predetermined, and you cannot minimize the number of fat cells in a particular body area.
But we can reduce the size of those fat cells, and that happens all over the body in different areas at different rates. You can burn that excess fat by following a reduced calorie diet, incorporating strength training that focuses on major muscle groups and incorporate interval training to help accelerate the metabolism and burn more calories. You will improve the appearance of all body parts, including those hips.

It starts by getting rid of fat throughout your whole body. You must reduce overall body fat to reduce fat around the hips. First determine how many calories that you can eat on a daily basis. You can get help from a trainer, chiropractor, physical therapist, nutritionist, registered dietician or doctor. They all should be able to determine your metabolic needs. Once you have determined this caloric number eat, 20% less or 500 calories whichever of the two numbers is larger, under your determined number on a daily basis and you will lose weight.. Just be consistent over time and the weight will come off including that around your hips. Adding exercise of course will speed up the whole process.

If you are committed to losing weight around just the hips or your hips are a particularly stubborn area than something like liposuction is always an option although I am not specifically endorsing this and have found in my experience that there is no substitute for a proper diet and exercise program.

There is no proven way to reduce fat in just one area, or produce spot reduction, with diet or exercise. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of fat with diet and exercise! To reduce fat in any part of your body, you first need to burn more calories than you consume. It’s important to reduce the calories you are eating and increase the calories you are burning through exercise. It is important to strengthen all muscles in your body, so just performing hip exercises will not guarantee you can reduce fat in that specific area. This will help burn fat; however you can’t choose which fat (hips, abs, thighs, etc.) will be used first. However, have no fear, once you have decreased your body fat and increased your lean muscle in one area, the others will follow!

Unfortunately, science has yet to determine a way to spot reduce fat without performing medical procedures.  However, with proper diet and exercise, you can whittle down that fat in no time!  Essentially, getting rid of the fat around your hips requires not only challenging the muscles of the hips, but the entire body with a variety of resistance training exercises while also monitoring calorie intake to ensure that a deficit has been created.  By creating a caloric deficit, the body will be forced to use stored body fat for energy, including the fat from around your hips.  Unfortunately, at what point this occurs in your program is highly individual and influenced by genetics.  Once body fat levels drop significantly, the muscles in your hips should begin to show, giving you the look that you desire.

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