How is the female athlete triad treated?

A team of healthcare professionals treats the female athlete triad. A mental health specialist is extremely important when dealing with any eating disorder, as there is a high rate of relapse. There should be a dietician involved to work on weight management and proper calorie intake and to perhaps add in nutritional supplements. The lack of period, if severe enough, is often treated with hormone supplementation. Finally, the decreased bone density is treated with calcium, vitamin D or a bisphosphonate to strengthen the bones.

The best treatment for female athlete triad is prevention. Prevention and early recognition can mediate the deleterious effects of the female athlete triad. If you are too late for prevention you should use the expertise of a nutritionist to help design an appropriate diet that is specific to your sport and to your body’s energy needs. In addition you should see a counselor to help resolve disordered eating patterns. Lastly, emotional support from parents, coaches or friends will be an added benefit.


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