Are genetics a barrier to improving fitness levels?

Although we are all born with a predetermined set of genetics, this does not mean that you will not be able to achieve your fitness goals. What it does mean is that you may need to take a different road to reach them. You cannot change the color of your eyes, the height you will reach, the type of hair you have, or the type of body you are given. However, you can get to your fitness goals with the help of a personal trainer to give you the guidance to develop the right exercise and nutrition program to achieve your goals.

Also, many times, people confuse genetics with heredity and included in heredity is a set of behaviors that are passed down through generations. Change these behaviors and change your life!

Genetics can never be a barrier to improving your fitness level.  Can genetics predispose you to certain things? Yes.  However it does not mean you can reach anything you want to acomplish.  What it really means is you might have to go about it a different way than other people.  If you focus on what you need to do, hold yourself accountable and give it your all you can achieve anything.  Don't let barriers be the excuse of why you are not seeing results.  Overcome these barriers and achieve greatness.  If need be see your fitness professional or maybe even your doctor on how you can overcome these genetic barriers to get the results you are looking for.

You can't change your genetics, but you can change your lifestyle. Becoming more active and making healthier food choices are things you have control over. So if you focus on the things you can change rather than the things you can't, it will ultimately help you succeed in your fitness goals. 

Genetics can be a blessing or a curse. Eye and hair color, height, build, bust size, and baldness are just a few of the many things determined by genetics, as well as a variety of diseases and illnesses that one may be predisposed to.

Some occupations like an NBA center or an NFL lineman obviously require a certain body type and genetics, but for the average person, genetics shouldn't keep you from achieving your fitness goals as long as you are realistic about them.

Even if you feel that you lost out on the genetic lottery, you can still improve your health and get in better shape. When you blame your health on your genetics, you surrender your ability to change. Once you attribute your condition to external circumstances you are powerless and become a victim. Make the most of what you have to work with, and you will be amazed at what you are able to accomplish.

We all have genetic limits, but we can still improve our fitness levels and enjoy the benefits of healthy living regardless of the genetic hand we were dealt at birth.

Although there is a certain limit that your fitness levels can reach based on your family genetics, many people never realize their full fitness potential because they prematurely blame their genetics for their limits.  In many situations our genetics loads the gun to what we can realistically accomplish, but our attitude and work ethic pulls the trigger to what actually gets accomplished. It is always difficult to know what is truly a genetic limitation and what are self-imposed limitations that we sometimes place in our own minds. The key is to continually press and challenge our limits each day and find satisfaction is doing our best.

Genetics do tend to determine one's body composition and maximal capabilities.  However, we can bust through those barriers to a certain degree.  By including a fitness program unique to your physical condition and overall health you can push your body past those genetic set points.  A good, certified personal trainer can assist with designing the proper program unique to your specific needs.

Yes and no. Each individual has a genetic potential, and this means that a hypothetical upper limit does exist. Our genes carry information which largely determines our bodies' physical appearance and maximal capability. However, we have the ability to achieve various adaptations such as increased strength or improved endurance. Our ability to adapt through specific types of training will depend on individual factors such as age, sex, current physical condition, and overall health. Engaging in the right health and fitness program allows us to play a wild card, which gives us the ability to push our bodies past our genetic set points.

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