Why do few people exercise on a regular basis?

Many people feel they don’t have the time to exercise, and don’t make it a priority to exercise. If your health is a priority, then exercise should be as well, since they go hand in hand. Set aside and dedicate an hour a day to exercise and focus your health.

Some people do not exercise because it can be hard work, it can be painful and it takes time. Exercise can be hard work and it can be painful but it doesn't need to be and shouldn't start out that way. What's most important for people who don't exercise is just to get moving: 5 minute walk on Monday, 8 minute walk on Tuesday and continuing to slowly progress. It's also important to be realistic when starting an exercise program. For example, if you've never exercised before it's probably not realistic to have a goal to run a marathon 3 months later. Time is the number one reason that people give for not exercising. Most people live busy lives. They work, they have families and they have some sort of social outlet. For many people exercising on top of an already busy life seems challenging. Generally upon keeping a 'time journal' people realize they have more 'free time' than they realized and that feeling of lack of time is a fallacy. It's also about the choices they are making. Exercise can also scary for someone who has never done it: what do they do, where do they go, how do they get started, how do they keep going, what are the personal benefits, etc. For someone new to exercise there are more cons than there are pros and given that, it makes sense why it would be difficult to exercise at all let alone on a regular basis. 

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