What exercise routines can I do if I have physical limitations?

If you have a physical limitation, you should consult your physician to determine what types of exercise are appropriate for you based on your current physical limitation(s). Once you have been cleared for exercise seek out a qualified and certified personal trainer or physical therapy clinic and start an exercise program under their guidance.

Consulting your physician is always a smart thing to do first. By getting his/her approval to exercise and knowing your limitations you now could have piece of mind when starting your new exercise regimen. When beginning exercise with limitations it is best to get a professional assessment. This is possible through the great trainers at Nasm. This can be done through sharecare virtual trainer or one on one. This is an important factor due to knowing where your muscle imbalances are and cardiorespiratory system output is too. Starting in the Nasm Optimum performance training model(opt) you always want to start in the stabilization phase and then progress from there. Also having the proper flexibility continuum and a program that fits your needs and goals. Another key factor is sticking to a healthy eating lifestyle. While achieving the answers from proper assessments your on your way to a great quality of life and health. Remember to disclose any limitations you have and assessments will be modified to adapt to them. You will disclose this in the Physical Activity Readiness questionnaire(Par-Q). Happy training.

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