Is it beneficial to be "fit" before specialization training?

Creating a baseline level of fitness is absolutely beneficial, but not necessarily always required. A good baseline level of fitness has shown to increase resistance to injury, motor learning skills, and instills long-term health benefits. Over the long term, a healthier athlete is able to play longer, recover from injuries better and more quickly, and has greater adaptability to learn new techniques necessary to continue performing at a high level.

Absolutely! Starting any specialized training regimen its better to be prepared for it then not. Depending on what specialized training it may be its easier when you're fit.If you start out deconditioned start a program like Nasm optimum performance training(OPT) model and start with stabilization phase and find out what cardiorespiratory zone you're in. You can do this by hiring one of the great Nasm trainers they will be able to asses you for a road to health  and happiness. This will help prevent injuries, correct muscle imbalances and get your heart into shape then you can participate in specialized training and be fit when you start,have fun and be safe.

I guess I will put a spin on this and answer it differently.  Yes being fit is good before specialization but what kind of specialization are you talking about?

One thing I want to mention is if you do not consider yourself fit then chances are we could classify you as "deconditioned" so getting into condition is essential before getting too aggressive with your exercise.

However I would say that there are all kinds of specializations that do not require you to be "fit".  NASM has a certification and program (which I am certified in) which is called a Corrective Exercise Specialist.  Obviously this is a specialization and is completely designed for people who are beginning, have muscular imbalances, recovering from injury or deconditioned. 

In my opinion people who exercise just to exercise generally will have difficulty reaching goals.  However if you are always specialized in something you will achieve more and be more focused on your goals.  So no I do not believe that you have to be "fit" before getting into specialized training.  Doing Corrective Exercise afterall is a specialization, one that is focused and actually can get people into shape quicker.

I would say yes, it is beneficial, but it is not necessarily required. Sometimes the opposite happens. You get an interest in a specific activity, start training, and that leads to a desire to be more fit. For myself, it tends to be a positive cycle. I originally started going to a gym just to become generally fit. Then I decided to do a triathlon, and pursued specialized training for that. The enjoyment and confidence boost I got from completing a triathlon increased my interest in general fitness, and so on! 

Right now I have a client who started working out because he took up skydiving. He wants to lose weight and gain better body control to improve his dives. Many areas of fitness are interrelated. Once you start your specialization training, you may soon find yourself wanting to develop more strength, flexibility or endurance to improve your performance and enjoyment of your sport. Jump in and see where your new activity leads you!  One note of caution:  be aware that if you quickly extend beyond your current fitness level you could become injured. Make sure to build up gradually.


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