How do I become a certified personal fitness trainer?

The process to become a certified personal fitness trainer begins with enrolling in a certification course with an accredited NCCA exam. This involves taking education that can be done online, or with resources including textbooks, DVD materials, or attending live workshops. The education culminates with the student taking the certification exam. Upon completion and passing of the exam you will be awarded the title of Certified Personal Trainer. To learn more about becoming a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer go to

To become a certified personal fitness trainer, you will first need to pass a certification test. Currently, the fitness industry is not a federally regulated profession, so be sure to seek out a quality certification organization by researching various options. Typically, the most marketable certifications are those awarded by companies that have had the certification accredited by a third-party. You can also check with your local gym and speak to the fitness manager about what certification organizations are most reputable and which they look for when hiring their staff.

Dr. Mike Clark, DPT
Check out and look at their CPT program.  NASM is the gold standard in personal training certification

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