As a Sharecare Transformer, how do you avoid getting bored with exercise?

I switch up my exercises continuously. I work out about 5 x per week with a combination of cardio and strength training, but I alternate my workouts to create muscle confusion so my body is not used to the same workouts and keeps working hard to burn calories and build muscle!

One of the best things I did in January when the weather got cold, and it was hard to do things outside, was join a gym. I found a gym where there were a variety of classes along with the equipment. I chose a different class each day, so that I wouldn't get bored, and so that I would work different muscle groups each day. On Monday I do a cardio sculpting class, on Tuesday I do Zumba, Wed. is a circuit, Thursday is spinning, and Friday is a weight training class. Some classes I love, some are still very difficult, but because they change every day, it keeps me from becoming bored or frustrated. I joined with a friend, which made it easier to try everything for the first time, and to be accountable in going back. We really keep each other on target.

So step out and try something new. Just a few months ago, I never would have imagined myself doing all of these things. Each time I see my body able to do a little bit more, it gives me faith that I can make another goal and accomplish it! Find a gym with great instructors who will modify everything for you when you start out. In the beginning, I needed to modify just about everything. When I took my first spin class, all I could do was keep my legs moving for the hour, I couldn't stand or jump or add resistance or anything the instructor said to do, I was just happy to keep my legs moving for 1 hour. I kept going each week, and the instructor trained us for 8 weeks in order to accomplish a race in the class. I was in tears at the end of the race, because I never would have thought in the first class that I could get to the point of conquering my first race. It was amazing. Your body can, and will do incredible things. Just take one step at a time,  one class at a time, ask how to use one piece of equipment at a time... try it...and believe that you can do it! 


The simple answer is to do something you love doing and it won't seem like a chore. The other way to keep from getting bored is to try new things which is also a great way to find new favorite activities and stay away from plateau's. I love running and am training but on my off days was walking until I realized how much I love biking. Now I struggle to decide whether I should go running or biking. Both are exciting for different reasons.

The other thing I think is fun is to find a workout buddy. Either a friend that you already have that also like whatever activity you pick or find a group exercise class where you can meet other people who like that activity. It definitely makes it more fun to workout when you're actually having fun rather than dreading that time!  :)

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