Easy Way to Up Your Exercise Endorphins

Easy Way to Up Your Exercise Endorphins

You know that nice mood you get from your daily walk? Here's an easy way to ratchet up those feel-good feelings a notch or two: Invite a friend.

Research suggests that exercising with a fitness-minded buddy is not only more fun but also boosts the level of happy chemicals your body produces because of the exercise.

Stamina in numbers
Research has shown for years that exercise helps boost people's moods because it boosts endorphin levels. Now, a study of university crew team members showed that 45-minute workouts done in groups helped increase the rowers' pain thresholds (and thus endorphin levels) better than when they exercised alone. Find out how exercise literally gives you a natural high.

Discover your team spirit
Exercise only works if it feels doable and you enjoy it. So find something that piques your interest, then invite a like-minded friend to join you. And here are a few more easy ways to improve your exercise attitude:

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