What types of activity should my child do?

The most important types of activities that your child can do are ones that are fun!  Kids enjoy activities they can do with family or friends.  Be creative with your usual activities. For example, you can blow bubbles and have your child jump and chase after them. This will be aerobic exercise as well as muscle building.  Children also love variety and you can make up obstacle course in your back yard or a treasure hunt around the house on a rainy day.

Challenge your kids to walk backward, sideways, skip, hop on one foot or take giant steps on a family walk.  The park is an excellent place for kids to work on all aspects of fitness from climbing the monkey bars to running around the field. 

Remember – if you do something fun then your kids will love to do it!

Encourage your child to be as active as possible and involved in as many different types of activity as possible. Playing on the playground, running around jumping, climbing, playing sports, dance all these types of exercise will help the child grow and develop physically and improve development of their motor skills. As your child gets to older ages, encourage them to play a wide variety of sports, and engage on weight training, aerobic training, and core and flexibility training. The more variety of exercise your child engages in the better their overall development and health. 

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